Monday, 8 November 2010

Haven't been Crafting too much lately

I have been busy this afternoon though, phew. I have been painting wooden clothes pegs. Yes, sounds really weird, but I got out my acrylic paints from the Pound shop and mixed white in with various shades to give me pastel colours and this is the result. Using a reel of magnetic tape I have put magnets on the back and plan to give these as small gifts. I also have a load of kids stuff which is magnetic on my freezer which can be cut into small strips for this very purpose.

I also got this idea from there, although I have done my own wrappers for big bars of Galaxy before now. Getting hold of Cadburys Miniatures is a nightmare and I have come to the conclusion that you can use any bar of chocolate and if it's in a plastic wrapper instead of foil, buy some cheap Smartprice foil from Asda as it's really thin and re wrap your chocolate so you can make your own paper sleeve.
Then I stuck little stickers from Paperchase or Accessorize on and placed them on a bit of card and wrapped in cello. Great table cards or in my case, something personal to add to the cash in the card. I plan to do loads of different sized chocolate using my own foil as the choc companies have obviously realised that if they stick plastic on Kitkats, it lasts about 20 years. Lol.