Thursday, 15 October 2009

A matching basket thingy for the Mat

I needed something to go with the Mat, so I decided on a basket. I made this using the same theory as my handbags. I may have been a bit over confident though as it's not as stiff as I'd hoped. I sewed some corners up the sides to give it a bit of shape, but if I made this again I would use stiff interfacing.

A Changing Mat

It's a beautiful day today and I am sewing. So I am very much at peace with the world. I decided to make a changing mat to sell on my craft stall. You often get one with those huge 'Changing Holdalls'. I don't care for those much. I would prefer to buy a bigger handbag of my choice and throw stuff in. Thats why this mat will be great. It's small, portable and is terribly pretty. Well I like it anyway. Very stylish and a great pressie for a Mum to be.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Apologies for the book cover tute

being in the wrong order as you scroll down. I just hope everyone sees part 1,2 & 3...x

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Book cover Tutorial part 3

When you have finished you will have a crumpled mess.

Once ironed, it will look like this.

Turn the book backwards to get the front & back hard covers into your sleeve.

And Enjoy!!!

Book Cover Tutorial part 2

Right, now you have pinned, you can sew. Sew a cm all round.

But leave a gap at the top or bottom of the spine as picture to turn it all inside out.

Trim corners. I also trimmed the edges as far as my pinking shears would let me. This reduces bulk when it's all done.

Start pulling it all out and you will be really pleased.

A book cover tutorial Part 1

Measure your book/diary spine as well. Allow 2cm top & bottom and 2.5cm either side. I am using poly cotton, so if you are using heavier fabric adjust your seam allowance a bit. You are cutting out the cover, a lining and two side flaps to hold the book in place. The side flaps should be 3/4 of the width of the cover when the book is closed. They should end up looking like


You want your flaps to look nice, so hem them. I ironed them first and used a zig zag stitch to stop fraying.

Once, hemmed, put your book cover fabric down flat, patterned side up. Lay your two side flaps on top with the hem side showing, patterned side down.

Then put your lining face down/patterned (if you are using a patterned one) side down. Then pin all around. I have lifted the corner so you can see clearly whats underneath. Obviously I put this back down before pinning.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I have been incredibly busy today, making things for a craft fayre I will be attending. I finally managed to make a Union Jack cushion. I have found a shop called the fabric warehouse. They have a remnant box in there where everything is £1. I was soooooo excited when I found this cream & blue jaquard (I think)? For £2 I have a rather large cushion. The stuffing is a £1.29 pillow from Ikea, which I visited yesterday. Ikea is a fab shop and their fabric collection is stunning & cheap. To get the pillow to fit the cushion cover, I ripped a hole in the corner, shoved all of the stuffing back, sewed a seam down the side and trimmed with pinking shears, then I did the same at the bottom. This has given me a really plump cushion.
I also made some camera cases, sunglass cases and notebook/diary covers. I am all sewn out.