Wednesday, 23 September 2009

What a lovely set

Remember that post where I painted a rose. Well, today I found the most gawjus set in a charity shop. I wasn't going to buy it but when I asked hubs did he think that I should, he just nodded and gave me the money. Bless that man, I truly love him.

I got 2 tureens, 1 gravy boat, a serving plate, and 6 dinner plates, six dessert plates and 5 sideplates. It's really really beautiful and I intend to use it for special occasions. It cost £20 and I think was worth every penny. My roasts will look lush with this.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wow - I have not posted for ages!!

Well, my daughter has been unwell (all the way through the Summer Hols) and we have only just got back to normal.

I have a glut of apples and several Marrows. Eeeeeek, what to do with them.
My Father reckons that marrow is best diced, olive oil, ginger & a bit of soy sauce.
I reckon parboiled and let off with butter & pepper.
Even better, stuffed with stuff.