Monday, 8 November 2010

Haven't been Crafting too much lately

I have been busy this afternoon though, phew. I have been painting wooden clothes pegs. Yes, sounds really weird, but I got out my acrylic paints from the Pound shop and mixed white in with various shades to give me pastel colours and this is the result. Using a reel of magnetic tape I have put magnets on the back and plan to give these as small gifts. I also have a load of kids stuff which is magnetic on my freezer which can be cut into small strips for this very purpose.

I also got this idea from there, although I have done my own wrappers for big bars of Galaxy before now. Getting hold of Cadburys Miniatures is a nightmare and I have come to the conclusion that you can use any bar of chocolate and if it's in a plastic wrapper instead of foil, buy some cheap Smartprice foil from Asda as it's really thin and re wrap your chocolate so you can make your own paper sleeve.
Then I stuck little stickers from Paperchase or Accessorize on and placed them on a bit of card and wrapped in cello. Great table cards or in my case, something personal to add to the cash in the card. I plan to do loads of different sized chocolate using my own foil as the choc companies have obviously realised that if they stick plastic on Kitkats, it lasts about 20 years. Lol.

Monday, 6 September 2010

This card cost hardly anything to make. Some lolly sticks, sandpaper and a few little shells from the beach.

These are just cards I have made trying desperately to use up my stash. They are very simple. I really should make more cards as I used to be really good at ideas but somehow I have completely lost my mojo. Handmade cards are so much nicer.

I didn't know what to buy this couple

They got married abroad and have a house, family etc already, so I thought that some bulbs would be good. As I have written on the label, they will get a reminder every Spring of their special day.

This card isn't one of my best as my mojo was low at this point, but I think they will love it.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Whoooo Hoooo, some cardmaking

I haven't made a card for absolutely ages. Our PTA needed one as the head is leaving, so I came up with this. She loved the Barn Dance we put on, hence the photo. I used sackcloth for the backing and used my sizzix for the shapes. I did add a few more little flowers in the white blank bits. It's an A4 card, so I also added a piece of card inside to weight it properly.

Monday, 10 May 2010

No fuss Yummy Pepperoni Pizza

I have been meaning to blog about home made pizzas for a while. Because they are so easy and incredibly tasty. I used my breadmaker to make the dough, but you can buy a pack of dough and follow instructions. I bake mine for a few minutes in the oven before adding topping. To make the tomato base fry some onion, garlic and basil in olive oil. When it looks cooked, add a carton of Asda passata. Let it simmer for while.

These are the toppings I use on mine. All of these can be frozen so it makes it relatively cheap.

Spread your sauce first, then add cheese and then other toppings. Whatever you want really.

This was so lovely. Hence my taking a photo of it. Pure pizza heaven.

Some nice patchwork

Goodness, it's a long time since I did anything crafty. I had to stay home today so it seemed like the perfect moment to start a quilt I promised my niece. It's turned out really well and the 2 extra pillowcases I picked up with my Ikea 'Rosali' quilt cover have really come in handy. They lend the quilt a nice bit of Kidston.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Well the Winter is finally nearly and almost over and I am thinking of Spring

We were at a local ruin recently and I took this pic as it made me think of Spring

I decided that it was time to get my watercolours out again and have another go at painting. The reason for this is, that, this year, I didn't send any HM Christmas cards. In fact, I was really lazy this year, so I think I am going to send some Easter Cards with an apology for the lack of Christmas Cards. I was going to do some papercraft ones, but, so far, by googling 'how to draw daffodils' I have come up with these

I thought it would be nice to send someone something that I had painted. However, the recipients might not. Bless them.

They really were simple. I googled how to draw daffodils and used the templates for sketching. I then rubbed out some of the lines. You literally just splash some paint on. I used these

The mistake people make with water colours is that they think it's got to be a rich colour, when all you are doing is colouring water, see the lid, those were all I needed to paint those pics. Uh Oh you can see my lighter too, so you know I smoke. Soon to be giving up though.

I have had some health problems recently, which excuse me from posting on my blog, but thank you to anyone who reads this.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

I have done it again!!

Apologies for the chronological order of my last three posts. I don't know what happened there. But thankfully, the order is self explanatory.

Long lined curtains part 3

Here you can see that I have taken off the printed edges from my fabric. I missed this bit in previous posts. Pin your PF & lining together from the top and sew down either edge. You will have a long tube. Turn inside out, IRON so the two edges are the same. You will then pin the header tape to the top. Sew the header tape along the top & bottom turning about 1cm under at either end of your curtain.

You will have to knot one end of the string in the header tape before hanging and then pull whatever gather you want through it.

Your curtains should look like this on the inside when finished.

And this on the outside!!! There you have it. I am not brilliant at explaining things, but I hope you found this tute helpful, please ask me any questions you want.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Long Lined Curtains part 2

This picture demonstrates the 1 inch hem at the top of the curtains

This picture shows where the fabric should be before you sew the sides.

Ironing your fabric before you stitch it makes it so much easier.

Once you have ironed your fabrics, you are ready to sew them together.

Sew the hems first. When you iron, create a straight hem to start with and then fold that hem over about a cm to stop the fabric fraying. You will end up with a tube along the bottom. I then sewed a straight stitch along giving a neat finish. Sew the hems on both your lining & PF. You are then ready to pin your fabrics together.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year and a very quick tute for Lined Curtains for French Doors Part 1

This is a tutorial for making long huge lined curtains for french doors. Although you could make one of these for a single door. I made these in about 3 hours. The fabric was from ebay and was end of line. It was £2.50 a metre and I bought 8 metres. I am extremely impressed as my lining fabric cost £15.00, again from ebay and the header tape was around the £5 mark. So for £40.00 I managed a pair of curtains, that I actually like, which keep the draughts out.

You will need

Patterned/plain curtain fabric. I always buy 1/2 metre more than my measurements. If you have any spare, you can always do a patchwork cushion to go with the room.

Lining fabric. Again I always err on the 1/2 metre more than I need.

header tape. In this case I needed 104 inches. Can't remember what this is in metric.

Most fabrics come in a 54 inch width. So does the lining. You need to make your lining smaller than your Patterned fabric (PF) so that when you turn it inside out, the PF makes a hem. More of this later.

To cut my long length of PF I folded it in half longways, 54 inches became 26, then used a metal tape measure to chalk a mark either side of the width. Then I used a piece of wood to chalk a line and cut it that way. I also did this for the lining but made the lining 3 inches shorter. I wanted curtains 100 inches long, so I cut them at 104 inches. 3 inches extra for the bottom hem and an inch for the top. The top doesn't need to be as neat as the header tape will cover it.

Once your fabric lengths are cut, you will need to cut some off the sides of the lining. I found the best way to do this was to fold it again and again, measure 2 inches and use the piece of wood to get a straigt edge. You either cut both sides or just shave 4 inches off of one side for speed.

The next bit of this is quite the most important bit of curtain making for me. THE IRONING. It gives you neat hems and allows you to straighten out your hem should you have gone a bit wrong during the cutting. I love stripey fabric for this too as you can line the stripes up so it's easy, certainly easier than plain fabric.