Monday, 10 May 2010

No fuss Yummy Pepperoni Pizza

I have been meaning to blog about home made pizzas for a while. Because they are so easy and incredibly tasty. I used my breadmaker to make the dough, but you can buy a pack of dough and follow instructions. I bake mine for a few minutes in the oven before adding topping. To make the tomato base fry some onion, garlic and basil in olive oil. When it looks cooked, add a carton of Asda passata. Let it simmer for while.

These are the toppings I use on mine. All of these can be frozen so it makes it relatively cheap.

Spread your sauce first, then add cheese and then other toppings. Whatever you want really.

This was so lovely. Hence my taking a photo of it. Pure pizza heaven.

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