Sunday, 26 July 2009

Knights & Princess's

Well, the children are to go to a Knights & princess party tomorrow, so it was up to me to make some costumes. My little one is only 2 so she can wear just a hat. So I made one with a huge bit of card, stuck on a bit of pretty fabric for the veil and put a bit of marabou round the bottom.
For the knights costume, I made a patchwork of yellow/blue to make a tabbard and just sewed the sides & shoulders. For the helmet, I duck taped a big bit of cut card and drew some airholes on it.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ok, there seems to be a problem with putting in pics right now, but I have to show you something. I am fed up with the thought of paying for vintage roses, so I decided to paint one using watercolours. Since I seem to have been able to do it, Yayyyy, I will not have to buy any wallpaper as I will do me own.
Only joking. I googled 'rose template' and started from there.
I think it's worked out rather well.
This beautiful light was £16.oo down from £50.00 from Britsh home stores. Since I needed 3 for my new hallway. I reckon I got a bargain. They have 70% off lighting at the mo'. I got these cheaper as they were discontinued.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It's too hot to make or craft anything today so I have just set up our new garden set from Tescos, half price at £50 including parasol. This isn't the right parasol as we already had one, but I thought it was a fairly cheap deal.
I shall be languishing on these seats later with a huge glass of vino.