Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ok, there seems to be a problem with putting in pics right now, but I have to show you something. I am fed up with the thought of paying for vintage roses, so I decided to paint one using watercolours. Since I seem to have been able to do it, Yayyyy, I will not have to buy any wallpaper as I will do me own.
Only joking. I googled 'rose template' and started from there.
I think it's worked out rather well.


  1. Your rose looks fab :) Re your coment on my blog about using the curtains as dust sheets - I have put one on top of my coffee table as I am using it as a tele stand and I though - ooh that looks nice - didn't date tell hubby though! LOL Also re fake chimney breast I'm thinking of having another fake one built but this time just with wood and plastered over - I must be mad! LOL Debbie xxxxxx

  2. OMG - so many mistakes in my last comment - I'm tired! LOL xxx