Monday, 1 February 2010

Well the Winter is finally nearly and almost over and I am thinking of Spring

We were at a local ruin recently and I took this pic as it made me think of Spring

I decided that it was time to get my watercolours out again and have another go at painting. The reason for this is, that, this year, I didn't send any HM Christmas cards. In fact, I was really lazy this year, so I think I am going to send some Easter Cards with an apology for the lack of Christmas Cards. I was going to do some papercraft ones, but, so far, by googling 'how to draw daffodils' I have come up with these

I thought it would be nice to send someone something that I had painted. However, the recipients might not. Bless them.

They really were simple. I googled how to draw daffodils and used the templates for sketching. I then rubbed out some of the lines. You literally just splash some paint on. I used these

The mistake people make with water colours is that they think it's got to be a rich colour, when all you are doing is colouring water, see the lid, those were all I needed to paint those pics. Uh Oh you can see my lighter too, so you know I smoke. Soon to be giving up though.

I have had some health problems recently, which excuse me from posting on my blog, but thank you to anyone who reads this.