Friday, 21 January 2011

Right, It's party time....

So I have a little 4 year olds party this week. I decided to make these as party favours. Using Cadburys miniatures. I cut and wrapped new wrappers, stuck a jewel on and put them in pretzel bags from ebay. Each bag has cost me 50p in total, including everything. I bought the jewels from the works. Any paper will do and for the top you literally fold a bit of card in half, open it up, staple the cello back to the back bit. Glue/DS tape the front bit to the cello bag and you have these.
So that the lads who are coming don't feel left out, they got jeweled bars that were not pink!

New Year, new kitchen.

I finally got my new kitchen and I am thrilled with it. Hubs has worked soooooo hard to make it special. I haven't painted it yet or added finishing touches but I will be posting about making roller blinds