Monday, 29 June 2009

Finishing Dolly Topper

Ok, lets start with hair, I used some pale yellow wool for this, but usually try to match it with whom the card is for. For darker skins I use darker fimo/wool as well. Cut several 5/6" strips until you have it as thick as you would like. Then tie a piece round the centre and knot as in the pic. I then put it on the fimo head to gauge where I want the bunches to be. Then tie two more bits to make bunches. Trim and attach to fimo face with glue or DS tape

To make her dress, I cut a piece of card and covered it with an old bit of floral fabric. DS tape is best for this. Once it's covered turn it over on the back and stick some DS tape along the sides & bottom.

To make the arms & legs, I used a bit of silk curtain cord. Tie knots in it to make the hands & feet then cut to size. Attach to the back of the dress. Turn over and you have your card dolly. I use padded foam squares to attach the face to the card as it brings the doll up to the same level as the dress. Ds tape is also good for attaching the whole thing as it's very very strong and this doll is relatively heavy.

I would say this cost around 15 p to make.
Isn't she fab!


  1. Wow I think she is absolutely gorgeous ...would love 2, a little boy and girl in a box frame,....think they are really fabulous well done x