Monday, 17 October 2011

Christmas Decoration

Every year in October I say that I am going to decorate the tree with all natural decorations. Every year, the same old plastic stuff comes out. I dream of dried orange pieces, felt hearts, pine cones with glitter and some gingerbread salt dough decs with lots of gingham ribbon.

Maybe this year, I may achieve my dream. But I suppose that all of the stuff I have collected over the years will not go up. The little plastic balls with pics of the kids in. The special balls that the kids made etc.

I started it off anyway this year by making a stuffed heart. Cut a bit of card in half to make a heart shape, draw round and cut out two shapes. I did the embroidery first and I know it's a bit wobbly but hey ho. Then blanket stitch round leaving a gap to stuff a bit of wadding, finish sewing up and you have a nice Christmassy heart.

1 comment:

  1. Loved your little heart,,I love heart decorations. I looked through your whole blog and liked lots of yor creation. I loved the quilts and the bags too. You are relly good at this sewing lark. I love seeing people being creative. Well done! Will keep an eye on your blog in the hope of seeing future creations. Red