Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Knobs

I have decided to start with the knobs as they are small and don't look like they are too frightning to start with. I sanded them with £1 shop sandpaper. After this I screwed the screw things back in to hold whilst painting.

I am doing two bits of furniture so I have splashed out on a tin of primer. This is important as I did just paint the acrylic paint on at first (against advice from Hubs) but ended up washing it off and starting again. So prime first. Let dry thoroughly. I used an eggbox and stuck a few holes in the top and perched them on there to dry. This is the best bit. I used a £1 box of acrylic paints from Poundland and mixed up white & a bit of aqua to make a seaside/sky base. Apply one coat, let it dry properly then another and you should end up with the blue knobs. After this has dried, I drew a very simple boat on the knob. Again using the acrylics from Poundland.
I am going to wait until they dry and either add another coat on the pics or just varnish. Thats the technical bit out of the way.

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