Saturday, 7 March 2009

General on the box & bunting

Well, to be honest I am exhausted. After working all day, I came home to find my two having a kip on the sofa. Aha says me, I will start on my box (it's primed, so I am painting a base colour which is a light aqua). I mixed one big tube of poundland blue with a bit of white acrylic that we had in the shed. Added a tiny bit of yellow (from original poundland set) and it's gone a bit more aqua-ry!!

After making home made pizzas (must do a whole post on those) and sitting sewing bunting, I am a bit frazzled, so not in order are the blue box and a pile of fabric. I visited John Lewis in the week for fabric and nearly fell off the floor at their prices. £10.00 per metre and just for poly cotton. Nope - I couldn't pay it as they didn't really have the stuff I wanted anyway. I am so grateful as I visited my local market stall who sold these lovely fabrics for £4 & £2 and they really are just as good.

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