Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Floor & a heart

Well, finally the floor is down in my 'nautical' bedroom. It's a lovely bleached wood effect (the masking tape will be removed) and I am really pleased with it. It was also very very cheap. £126.00 from Screwfix who delivered it free as well. We used the underlay from the carpet instead of splashing out on new stuff. It was only about 4 years old. This stuff is quite good quality and will last soooooo much longer than a carpet.

As for my little heart pincushion, this is made from scraps of material from the quilt I made. I haven't quite mastered the art of getting the ribbon on straight yet, but I am sure these things will come in time. I sewed som scraps together then made a heart from a piece of A4 folded in half. I left about 1cm for the hem and handsewed it, left a hole, stuffed it with stuffing from an old pillow and bobs yer uncle. It's rather pretty and will look nice hung on a door or something.

I have recently invested in some lavender from Ebay. 200g cost around £3.60. It comes in a huge bag and I wouldn't actually fill up a whole heart. I will put half & half stuffing in one. I rather like the idea of a lavender sachet for my drawers & wardrobes.


  1. lovely pin cushion, a good way to use your scraps up, also love the colour of the floor