Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Nautical Curtains - another box ticked

Phew, am I glad these are out of the way. I have spend the day pinning & checking before cutting and they have come out fine. They are lined as well.
I measured the bit from the rail to the sill and added on 5 inches, 3 for the bottom hem & 2 for the top. I then hand sewed the bottom hems and ironed flat the top ones.
For the lining I did cheat somewhat and used some linings from another pair of curtains. The width of my stripey fabric (SF) was 56 so I cut the lining 4 inches thinner so that when they are sewn up the sides and you turn them out, the SF has it's own hem. Like making a tube. I also started sewing the side hems from the bottoms, that way you can ensure that the lining will be higher than the SF. Once this was done I turned inside out, pressed, trimmed off the top and ironed the top down 2 inches then sewed on the header tape. It was very very easy. The Fabric cost £32 from 'all the trimmings' on ebay and the header tape was £3. Linings were free and the rail was in a sale for £9.99. So all in all a pretty good show.

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