Friday, 15 May 2009

If anyone out there in Blogland could help me

and tell me how I move pics to where I want, I would be extremely grateful and will sent remnants to make your own heart!


  1. The way I do it is by dragging and dropping to where I want, usually in stages.
    Click on photo and drag the cursor will change to a small box and as long as that little box is there you have the photo.
    I drag and drop in stages to what I can see in the post box I making sense or waffling???

  2. Yayyy, I did it, want some fabric??? PM me.

  3. I have tried the drag and drop but it wont work for me, i'm glad you got good avice from Laj. [blimey she is goooood].
    Love and hugs honey. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX