Thursday, 21 May 2009

My Sons Nautical Bedroom

I have finally finished my Nautical room. It's taken a lot of hard work, especially with changing the pine from hideous orange to white. But it's done - Yayyyy!!! So far you can see a lifebouy I sourced from ebay for £7.00. It was the only thing i didn't make but I felt it added a touch.

Obviously sunlight streaming in the windows which are unwashed. In fact the room is sterile at the moment as I haven't really started putting Max's stuff in yet. I bet once my young Captain get's in it I will totally regret painting it white. Yikes!!!!!

Bunting, glorious bunting. I had to cut it in half as I couldn't work out where to put the other bit unless I put it on the shelf which is ongoing. Also sourced a couple of canvasses (?) for £1 each and got Max to do his utmost on them. Best thing about them is that I can unstaple the canvas and save them. I am going to get him to do 2 new ones each year.

The bed & the chest of drawers. These were my real treasures on moneysaving. They looked worn and old and orange. OK, they both took 5 coats of primer, and the chest 2 coats of acrylic eggshell plus two coats of plastikote clear varnish (the bed too). But if Max drops something on them, they will not chip. Not this year at least.

Just the whole room really.
I am really chuffed and the whole thing cost me approximately £400 including floor, fabric and furniture. I think I could give old Laura Ashley a run for her money.


  1. looks lovely :) you clever thing! quilt is gawjus ;) xxxx

  2. Oh it looks terrific. You should be so proud.

  3. Blimey I didn't realise you made that quilt its chuffin brilliant...looks brill x