Monday, 6 April 2009

A 40th Card for a good Mate!

I made this using an A4 card, then put a pale lemon piece of A4 (trimmed) some sticky ribbon and the new prima flowers I recieved. Well I am going to have a moan and wish I hadn't left such good feedback on these. They are very tatty and only a few were actually of any use.

However, with a couple of lemon brads and the lettering cut out in the time old fashioned way of using a craft knife & board, I think it's groovy enough. The letters were cut out of a piece of 12x12 that I was meant to use for scrapping, but hey, she is a good mate. To make the letters I used wordart and make them go backwards by turning the square around on itself. Then when you print on the back they come out the right way. I really really need one of them machines as it's quite time consuming. I think they are called robocraft.


  1. What a lovely card, I love the paper you used for the lettering. Your lettering is fantastically cut out by the way x

  2. Thanks. I will do a post on how to at some point.

  3. Thats a realy lovely card

  4. Hi Mrs Crafty. I've already thanked you once on MSE but thanks again for the advice re lettering. If you want to see my first attempt, I used it in my hamlet scrapbook layout which I've posted on my blog.