Saturday, 4 April 2009

Saturday Night - Wine included.

Well, it's Saturday night and I am ecstatic that I have 2 whole weeks off work. Yayyyyy and double yay to that. I can't help thinking how much crafting and stuff I can do in two whole weeks.

I intend to start really building up a store of cards. Using my old stuff of course as this blog is about money saving after all.

I thought I would show the dreadful pine chest once more whilst it was being primed!!! I was going to leave the feet orange but have decided against it. They looked awful.
Today I recieved an envelope full of primas from ebay. They were only a £1 so expect some cards with flowers on as I just have to use them.
Back to the drawers. You must sand off all of the dreadful varnish, down to the bare wood I 'm afraid, otherwise they will look like crap and your paint will not stay on - I kid you not and you will be ever so fed up. The companies that sell 'hideous orange pine, must get loads of emails/letters asking how the devil do you get it off?
Use a sander or very very coarse sandpaper for the first dibs and then onto a finer one etc. For each coat of undercoat let dry then sand rough bits again. Another tip for painting furniture with flat bits on is to make sure each stroke of the brush goes from one end of a flat bit to the other, if you start in the middle you will notice it when it dries.

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