Monday, 6 April 2009

A post without pics, as I am trying to work out what to do with the bed. Sadly, the joists in the bedroom were buggered so hubs is putting new joists in. I hate this sort of work, it's all good but you can't see a result in about 2 seconds.

I am also enormously fed up with trying to get the 'varnish' off of things. It's elbow/muscle making work and although I am using an electric sander, I am getting fed up. I think it's my hubs viewpoint that everything has to be sanded down about 500 times. Arghhhhhhhh.

I know he is right, but 5 lots of primer, I am fed up. What he says about this is that if it has a knock etc, it will not matter. At this point I don't actually care. I would rather have bought a chest of drawers in white.

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