Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Pretty Favour type thingies for a party table

I have just made 30 of these for a party table. Once again, soooo cheap to do. I got eggs from the pound shop (25 per bag), unwrapped them to find they were dark, milk & white chocolate, so rather yum and look fab in cello. Put 4 in each favour, cut a piece of cello from florist, who sold me 3m for £1.50 so cut a 11'' strip and it works out that you can get 3 squares from that.

I used curling ribbon, tip here is to use two colours. I then attached a small label with a stapler and they look fab. The picture doesn't really do them justice as you can't see the silver etc. They cost roughly about 15p each to make. You can use these for so many things, weddings, kids party's etc. I am decorating the hall for this party and will be doing a long post I expect about helium balloons etc as I am going to have a go at blowing them up myself. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkes!! Also I have done something with some cheap table rolls from ebay including runners.