Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Bunny Soup

Ok, I got this idea from MSE, (thanks girls). Easter Bunny Soup. I paid £2.25 for 15 cello cones from Ebay. Then I went into Lidls and paid £1 each for strawberry/banana milk shake mix. I put 2 tbsps of each into the cone and filled it up with some Marshmallows £1. I then added some curling ribbon and a tag with instructions and a Happy Easter message. I have managed to make 15 for £5.25, if you add the money for the pastel card and curling ribbon I suppose that would be another £1 so not a bad deal really and they look fabulous.


  1. These look really cool - are you giving them all away as presents?

  2. Yep, much nicer & cheaper than eggs, plus every child I know, gets far too many eggs. I will be keeping two for my littlies though.

  3. Lovely! I made chocolate milkshake ones for my son's party bags and they went down a storm x

  4. I love this idea, thanks for sharing it.
    Off to click on following you now, such great ideas.

    Love and blessings