Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easy Wedding Invite

I just found this whilst looking for something amongst my stash. I made it as a sample for a friends wedding but she went for something else which was completely different. However this remains one of my favourites for wedding/party invites. Using some nice A4 patterned paper, you can make a really simple idea look very elegant, I think. Plain A4 card with script writing on and a nice ribbon really makes this special. You simply cut a 3 sided envelope, us a bit of DS tape on the back and when it's folded & glued, you can either cut a V shape using scissors, or before you fold do a curve or something. Whatever you want really. To make a curve on this type of card I have used a saucer, pint glass or something big & round. Just cut straight round as it's hard, you can do this without pencilling in.


  1. A really nice idea for an original, classy invite - well done! I'm surprised that your friend didn't choose it.

  2. She chose something extremely complicated which took hours.

  3. So elegant, such a lovely invitation. Bet you were cursing your mate who chose the complicated one ;-)